Sisters of the Black Moon

Postet av Adam og Eva Teaterplassen den 9. Mar 2013

Fordi det er rått, rett og slett!

"The story of the Disir from Norse mythology was one that spoke to our own personal roles as women. They represent divine spirits who brought natures bounty to mankind, provided luck and well being, aided in childbirth and were known to travel in triads. As mothers, we aimed to create a collection that gives women a sense of beauty, protection, and fluidity. We want these pieces to be strong and spirited as well as have the ability to be woven into your everyday wardrobe with ease. A bestowal of love from us to you."
- Sisters of the Black Moon om sin siste kolleksjon "Disir".

Photo: Dagny Piasecki - MU: Jaqueline Fernandez - Hair: Danann Patrick - Model: Michelle Ziskind
Featuring Jewelry by Bloodmilk, Sara Samoiloff and Anu Tera

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